Body Scan Method
by Joe Smith

The body scan method is nothing more than a form of map dowsing. To do this work you need a pendulum . Other tools might work but not as handy as the pendulum. 

You need to learn what is called a search motion with the pendulum. It is a back and forth motion but it can turn corners. It will follow the subject target , so it is not always like the yes motion. If that is clear to you then at least one of us understands it. 

Next you need a sheet of paper and a pen, or pencil, That is the one with the lead and the eraser, if you forgot. If you can draw an outline of the human form now would be a good time to do it ,we are going to need it. If you make a real good one Scan you some extra copies of it. I have a stack of them . OK, are you ready?

Draw in the arms, hands, feet and do a good job while you're at it. The reasons behind doing the body scan are looking for health problems of the past and present. You know we can't subscribe or diagnose because we are not doctors. But we can suggest that a person see their doctor for what ever we find. I call that an area of concern. Like if I find an area in the breast area of a lady , I wouldn't jump in and tell her she might have breast cancer. I would just tell her she should have the area checked by a doctor. 

The next lesson will be about problems that are present now for BoBo. But for now just have the past injuries on your mind while searching. Take your time learning this, it is worth learning. There is an old saying that goes "You only get out of something what you put into it".

We will be dowsing for past injuries first, things that still show in his aura, though they could be healed at this time.

First step is to start at the feet of the fellow, but who are we dowsing??? you need a name of this fellow and any more info you can get. On one side of your sheet put a place for his name, age and any other info you have. The
nick name of this fellow is BoBo. He is here with me at this time, He is 28 years old . 

So start out at the feet and search each leg first. Now if you get a response the pendulum should rotate in a circle, either way will work. But now you begin to look for signs of the severity of the injury. The small circle will tell you that it was a small injury and not that serious. A larger spin will show you that it was a little serious. A big spin will mean it was a bad injury. All these small signals will help you determine where the problems were and how bad they were. 

I will go over it one more time, search motion is how you move up the body, back and forth while moving forward. The spins tell you that there was an injury to that spot. The size of the circle spin, indicates how serious it was. Bigger spin bigger injury. 

When you reach the trunk of the body visualize the spine or back bone and move up it slowly to check for damaged disks in the spine before you start on the rest of the front stuff. Once you have a signal try to figure out what it could be. Now what I do is place an X on the spots, small x for the small problem, bigger x for the bigger problem and a great big X for the BAD ones. 

Now you have the first part of the lesson . Home work is to try it out as soon as possible because I'm not getting any younger. Send your results to me on what you found and the info you got off of the drawing. There are some small, medium and bad injuries on the fellow When you get done and I have your answers or most of them, there is always some one that starts late or something so we won't wait forever to show you the real truth.